Conference Workshops

Happy New Year everyone!  We apologize for the delay in gathering up all of the information for the workshops, but here they are.  As always, we have a wonderful selection of informative sessions led by the best individuals in the field of environmental education.  We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!



8 responses to “Conference Workshops

  1. Is there a schedule available?

    • I am sorry to say, that we are still finalizing the details of the rooms and the times. Is there a particular workshop you are interested in?

      • Just looking for the timing of the first and last workshops as well as keynote addresses for travel purposes. Thanks!

      • The schedule for Friday is typically:
        7:30am Breakfast station opens
        8:00am Registration opens
        9:00am Workshops begin
        10:55 – 12:00 President’s Welcome, Annual Meeting & Keynote Address

        The final schedule will be posted ASAP.

  2. What time is the last event of the day?

  3. On Friday, the last workshop ends at 4:15, then dinner at 5:30 followed by a party until…
    On Saturday, most workshops are finished at 3:15 except for the Project WET 2.0 update which runs until 4:30.

  4. Can you at least post which workshops are on Friday, and which are on Saturday? Thanks.

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