Calls for Presenters and Exhibitors now available

Looking to present a workshop or exhibit at ANJEE’s 2014 Conference?  Heed the calls and be a part of this year’s exciting theme: Cultivating Environmental Citizenship. 


6 responses to “Calls for Presenters and Exhibitors now available

  1. Wileen Ellen Sweet

    Very disappointing webpage – no link to finding out about making a presentation at this conference. Date already passed? Pls let me know.
    Thank you.

  2. I am interested in applying to present at this conference. I am part of a teachers collaborative group that works with a 21st century after school and summer program which is sponsored by Paterson Education Fund and the Paterson YMCA. We take our students into the river to study water quality by collecting macro-invertebrates and conducting water chemistry tests. Since the Great Falls has become a National Park, we want the children to become invested in Environmental stewardship

  3. I just tried to pay my ANJEE membership with the link provided, since I will not be at the conference. When it moved me to paypal, I filled out their information and then it took me back to your page. The information I had put in for membership was gone.

    I couldn’t get your online membership link to work last year either (I did report it to you). As of now, I am not sure if the membership information went through or not. In the future, I will just send you a check. However, if this is happening to others, you might be missing possible members. Please get back to me on this when you get a chance so I know if you got it or not.

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